Signs You May Need A Logo Refresh

Fable Stamp Logo Refresh

Are you uncomfortable or unhappy with your businesses logo or have you discovered a more established business in your niche with a similar logo?

Even though you may have thought your logo was unique, great minds think alike. Perhaps the symbols are similar, or the typography is too close, it may be time for a logo refresh.

Similarity in logos can lead to customer confusion, and in worse case scenarios, even lawsuits.
You don’t want to risk it, rather just update your brand. Use the opportunity for a  logo refresh or re-boot of your brand.

Sticking with a logo that just doesn’t work for your business can be a wasted opportunity to boost your business and give it some new life.

Logo re-design is something most business owners want to avoid because it means changes across the board, to all your graphics and documents, Social media platforms and websites as well as any signage, packaging and any other elements you may be using within your business.

When faced with such a large task and decision, most business owners decide to rather just leave it.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider redesigning or updating your current logo with a logo refresh.

1. You Feel Something Isn’t Right
If your logo makes you feel there is something missing or not quite right, don’t discount that feeling.

Trusting your gut when it comes to managing your business is instrumental, so trust your feeling when it comes to how your business is represented to the outside world.

If you don’t like the look of your own logo and you have no idea why, take some time to examine it and find out why. How does the thought of getting something new and more aligned to your core values make you feel?

2. Your Logo Does Not Represent your Brand Values
Your businesses core values are key to building your brand and they represent your company to clients. A lot of businesses do not set out brand values, so they often don’t use them within their brands, which can make the identity less powerful.

Our approach to branding is to incorporate these values into a visual representation, so the visual design is often the last step in the strategy process. The first step is figuring out the core values of the business.

Creating visuals without knowing what the core values are will result in a brand that may not suit the business with a logo that is not quite right.

A logo is more than just a nice symbol that represent a company and needs to be treated as such.

3. You Keep Getting Unflattering Comments and Questions About Your Logo
It’s one thing to have people asking, what your logo represents but it is another when your logo shape reminds people of something else, especially if it’s not anything you want to be associated with.

This could lead to some embarrassing encounters, or it’s simply something in complete contrast to your business and what you want to be known for and seen as.

4. The Logo Shape Doesn’t Fit Your Needs
If your logo does not fit nicely in your website’s header space or looks small on a profile photo in Facebook, you should consider creating an alternative logo layout specifically for those uses.

The issue with creating a logo without considering all the systems it may need to be used on, each with their own challenges, means you end up with something that doesn’t work across the board.

When we create logos or Corporate Identities we anticipate the logos being used across various platforms, from Social Media to Vehicle Branding, we create variations to suit all needs.

If you find yourself changing the logo composition from the original ratio to make it fit, this is a clear sign of a logo that doesn’t suit your needs and you may need a logo refresh.

5. Your Logo Looks Out of Place on Your Marketing Materials
Maybe your look and style has evolved toward a new brand aesthetics, and your logo just doesn’t work well within the new setting.

Maybe the logo doesn’t work well on a certain background or you need a variation in the colours.

Your logo should be the cornerstone of your Corporate Identity, which is your visual brand. Your logo should guide the overall look of your brand, but sometimes the overall concept evolves into something more and the logo just can’t keep up.

As brands evolve and websites and Social Media platforms change, your logo may need to evolve too.

It is important that you not only feel comfortable but also proud of your logo, this is how the outside world sees your brand after all.

Your logo should also represent what your business is about and be able to stand out from the crowd.

Did you find yourself thinking of your logo in any of the situations described above? What did you do about it or is this still a concern?
Or, are you very dissatisfied with how your current logo represents your business and need a new one ASAP?

If you are thinking of refreshing your brand or looking for a new Brand Identity, send us an email to, we’d love to discuss your options for a logo refresh.
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